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What are clients saying?

Doula reviews

"Nattasha is an amazing doula with a warm and caring presence and I am SO glad I found her. During pregnancy I wasn't sure if I needed a doula, but after speaking with her on the phone I was very impressed with her calming demeanor and experience and knew I wanted to hire her."

DIANA, Had her first baby - 2020

We were so grateful to have Nattasha as our Doula. When we first met her, we were struck by her genuine warmth, open-mindedness, and attention to detail. 

SARAH, First time mother - 2019

"As a first-time dad, I was so happy to have Nattasha with us every step of our birth.  I really appreciated how much sweet, positive vibes and encouragement she brought to our experience, while backing that up with a well-informed, analytical mindset."

JASON, First time father - 2019

"Nattasha listened to my concerns, and I felt heard. She was an incredible resource and helped me find information on evidenced based birth practices."

MARTA, First time mother - 2019

​"Her massages and rebozo techniques REALLY helped me!! She was there for me the whole time! If I didn't have my partner and Nattasha with me, I wouldn't have had such a good experience."

MARIA, First time mother - 2018

"That girl is a miracle worker and words simply aren't enough to sing her praises."

CHHAYA, Second birth - 2018

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