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Nattasha Bender Doula
My Training
When Survivors Give Birth 

Seattle, WA - 2018

Spinning Babies 

Alameda, CA - 2018

DONA Trained Birth Doula

Alameda, CA - 2017

GAMA Certified Birth Doula

Florianópolis, SC/ Brazil - 2016

Fluency in Foreign Languages

Portuguese, English and Spanish

My Journey

Born and raised in Brazil, I come from a small family in the south of the country. I love to be outdoors, be in contact with nature, exercise in different ways and develop my artistic skills whenever I can. Family and friends are the most important thing to me, they have been the strongest influence in my life.

In 2014 I came across a documentary about birth in my home country, “The Birth Reborn”, and after that everything related to labor, birth, and the sacred feminine became a constant search in my life. I knew that there was so much to learn about my own body, about the natural process of birth and that there were so many fears and taboos to be confronted. This was so important to me, I knew I had to keep going on that path. It felt like a calling.

In 2016 I attended my first Doula Training in Brazil. It was the turning point of my life and career. I have a BA in Business and an International Diploma in Project Management, but none of this felt more important than the discoveries I encountered in the feminine universe. After that I couldn’t ignore how much I desired to assist other women and learn from them. The female has the power to heal, and I had experienced it for myself. 

At that time I discovered my purpose and figured out that the work of a Doula was something that came naturally to me, that the characteristics of a Doula were my own. Since then I've been continuously educating myself, growing in experiences, updating my skills and knowledge and supporting women and their partners through their birth journey.

After moving to California in 2017, I attended a DONA International Birth Doula Training in the SF Bay Area and never stoped learning. My role is to witness the strength of every woman, to encourage each client to find her path, to give support to those families through out their journey, to respect a woman's choices and to honor the birth of each mother and of each baby. 

Being part of this moment in your life is a privilege and a joy for me! 

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