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Having a Doula at your Birth
choosing a doula

A Birth Doula is a trained companion who gives support to women before, during and shortly after birth. Doulas provide continuous, one-on-one care, as well as information, physical and emotional support to birthing persons and their families. The work of a Doula is very different from the role of a medical practitioner or from their partner. Birth Doulas do not perform any clinical tasks or monitor your health, but have non medical training to help you understand, prepare and experience your birth journey. 

Women who were nurtured during their pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum are much more likely to better care for themselves and for their infants. This experience should be transformative and meaningful to women and their families, and Doulas work to help you achieve the healthiest and most satisfying experience possible. 

As a Doula I want to understand what is important to you so I can help you prepare for the birth experience you desire. Whether you decide to have your birth at a hospital or at home, whatever labor choices you make, I will be assisting you all the way. Your birth is your choice, and I will always honor that! 

Benefits of a Doula
Benefits of a doula

From the beginning of times, women have been cared for and nurtured by their community as they became mothers. With the advance of medicine in the 20th century, birth transitioned from the homes to the hospitals and the natural process of labor was medicalized in many ways. As a result, more complications and interventions took place in the birth scenario. 

Today, science is becoming more aware of how modern medicine can help women to have a safe and comfortable birth experience, but also how it can interfere in their natural process and create undesirable outcomes. The scientific community have also explored how human support can improve the quality and outcomes of birth and how every woman can benefit immensely from having a continuous support during their labor and birth.

In 2017, Bohren et al. published an updated Cochrane review on the use of continuous support for women during childbirth. They combined the results of 26 trials that included more than 15,000 people. The researchers found that overall, people who have continuous support from a Doula during childbirth experience a:

- 39% decrease in the risk of Cesarean; 

- 15% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth;

- 10% decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief;

- Shorter labors by 41 minutes on average; 

- 38% decrease in the baby’s risk of a low five minute Apgar score;

- 31% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience;

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